THe finance BROKER Platform

    Quotevine is a new breed of service provider for finance brokers. We offer solutions to common industry problems: without the hassle, expense and distraction of running internal projects and managing IT infrastructure.

  • asset or automotive finance Broker? Quotevine Has It Covered

    Quotevine is an extensible, flexible platform for managing your asset or automotive finance business. Unlike much legacy technology, Quotevine is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection so you can manage your business and serve customers wherever you are.

    Managing Customers

    Quotevine's CRM is an easy-to-use but powerful Customer Relationship Management system developed specifically for asset finance businesses. It provides a rich toolkit to manage existing customers more efficiently and increase pipeline conversions: and once your customers and leads are in the system, you can use our other modules to further enhance your business.

    Producing Quotes & Managing Orders

    Our next-generation quotation and order-management tools link to your Quotevine CRM, adding the ability to configure asset and create attractive quotations (optionally including Whole Life Cost) straight from your customer database.

    We even have the entire CAP database, updated nightly, baked right in to the vehicle configuration module.


    Close deals up to 5x faster with Quotevine’s e-signature solution. Stay ahead of your competition with the solution that makes slow, manual contract processes a thing of the past.


    Send, track and get documents e-signed directly from your CRM, plus every sales document is stored securely and automatically online making it easy to find files fast.

    Fleet Management: Internal or Customer Self-Serve

    Quotevine Fleet Management gives you the ability to record and manage your customers' company car schemes, fuel policies and driver records to provide a full Fleet Management service: all in the same web-based software suite.

    If desired, you can allow your customers' Fleet Manager(s) and drivers to self-serve using the system: quickly, easily and securely.


    Calculate payments for any popular automotive finance product. Create templates and set parameters, use CAP RVs and SMR data^, modify it or upload your own RV and SMR data.

    Improving Business Insight

    With Quotevine, you can begin to reap the reward of having all your data: customers, vehicles, quotations, orders, terms, tasks, etc. in a single repository. With tabular reporting offered as standard, and graphical dashboarding on desktop and iOS as an option, Quotevine can help you spot the patterns that will give you that competitive edge.

  • Be Safer Than On-site®

    Is the Cloud Safe? 

    Once, very few business would entrust their data to 'The Cloud': but now we know that the cloud is simply made of the same servers you may already run inside your own organisation, but with the additional advantage of being built, managed and maintained by the best in the business. We never, ever attempt to take ownership of your data - if you ever decide to leave the Quotevine platform we promise to extract your data for you free of charge.


    Quotevine knows the security of your data is paramount. While it might seem that trusting your data to an external company increases risk, we believe the opposite is true. Never worry about theft, fire, flood or backup failure taking out your valuable business data ever again.


    At rest, your data is stored in a UK Data Centre protected by perimeter fencing, electric gate entry and a gate house which is manned 24x7x365 by security personnel. Strict access controls are operational within the data centre building including proximity access card readers and secure lockable racks to prevent unauthorised access to the data centre and equipment. In transit all communication between the web browser and our data centres is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.


    Our technology, expertise, resources and focus ensure that while it's with us, your data is always Safer Than On-site.®

  • Clients & Accreditations

    Toomey Leasing Group

    Synergy Automotive

    UK Carline

    Kudos Vehicle Management

    Crusader Vans

    Bowater Price plc


    Voozo Dealer


    RECX Security Assured


    Adobe Document Cloud Partner

    CAP Accredited Partner

  • Transparent Pricing


    Capture and manage details about all your customers, leads and prospects including:


    • Core information
    • Contacts
    • Addresses
    • Bank Accounts
    • CAP-coded Fleet List^
    • Drivers
    • Company Car Grades
    • Fuel Policies
    • Documents

    Email contacts straight from the system, create and track tasks and integrate directly into your website or other systems with our comprehensive REST API.


    £42.50 per month, per user. *



    * £38.25 per month for 6-19 users, £33.75 per month for 20-49 users. 50+ users? Contact us for a bespoke package!


    ^ CAP license required. From £135 p/m if you process fewer than 500 vehicles a year, or contact us for further information.


    Take your Quotevine to the next level by generating white-labelled quotes and orders:

    • Industry-standard CAP database baked in and updated every week.^

    • Standard equipment, technical data and optional equipment for all derivatives.

    • Add dealer fit accessories.

    • No more manually creating quotes using word processor templates.

    • Include CAP images on your quotes.^

    • Manage commissions and automatically produce invoices.




    £42.50 per month, per user.*



    * £38.25 per month for 6-19 users, £33.75 per month for 20-49 users. 50+ users? Contact us for a bespoke package!


    ^ CAP license required. From £135 p/m if you process fewer than 500 vehicles a year, or contact us for further information.


    Enhance close rate by allowing customers to sign orders and any other documents quickly, easily and securely:

    • Fully legally binding signatures.
    • No need for customers to print, sign and scan.
    • No need for your team to detach scans from email and upload them to the CRM.
    • All signed documents automatically stored against the customer record.
    • Precise visibility of when your customer has viewed and signed documents.   




    £25 per month, per user that needs to send documents for signature.


    Take customer payments securely without writing card numbers down or using a slow, expensive PDQ machine.


    1 user total: £27.50 per month flat fee

    2-9 users total: £53.50 per month flat fee

    10+ users total: £108.25 per month flat fee

    Segregated Email

    Keep your email traffic separated to ensure complete control over your sending reputation and email configuration.


    £3.50 per user per month, with a minimum monthly charge of £108.25

    Stock Deal Management

    Manage stock deals, get rid of your stock spreadsheets, prevent double selling and find out your stock levels anytime, anywhere.


    £10 per month, per user.


    Take your team straight to the best prices, publish your own deals and minimise data entry even further.


    £10 per month, per user.


    Using a powerful Business Insight platform, data analysts can build visualisations and dashboards to help managers stay on top of performance, from their computer or iOS device.


    £by arrangement.

    Case Management

    Manage complaints and commission disclosure through a secure, auditable workflow.


    1-49 users: £199 per month flat fee

    50+ users: £499 per month flat fee

    Funder: £999 per month flat fee

    Call Logger Integration

    View a complete record of your inbound and outbound calls, automatically assigned to the associated customer and account manager records.


    £by arrangement.


    We can provide on site consultancy and/or project management to ensure success for your implementation or any other business projects.


    £by arrangement.


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